One of the great things about our new website format is the ability for you, the reader and neighborhood resident, to get updates sent TO YOU immediately!

Every time a new item is posted here on the homepage, you can get updated via email or RSS, whatever your prefer. For example, if you subscribe via email, every time we post a news item here on the website, you will immediately get an email with that information. This saves you time by not having to visit often to check for new information and you are notified right away!

How do you subscribe? Just look in the right margin under “Get News Updates” and click your preference.

Wait, are you still puzzling over what RSS is? Not just tech savvy youngsters use it. It’s a great way to keep tabs on all your favorite websites in one place – making the content come to you! Personally, I use Google Reader and recommend it for its ease of use and functionality.

Here is a great video explanation of what RSS is if you are curious:

Not to worry – if you are new to RSS, you can always just subscribe to our email updates.