From PHNA president Tania Banak:

Hello Prairie Hills neighbors,

Southwest Farmer’s Market Every Wednesday

From 3-7 pm every Wednesday through October, you can pick up fresh produce (and much more!  Soaps, crafts, etc) from the Southwest Farmer’s Market.  You’ll find the market in the parking lot of Orchard Ridge Church of Christ, at the corner of Tolman and Gilbert roads.

Weigh in on Design of Madison Library

You have a say!  Please join the architects for public meetings about the Madison Public Library on Thurs. Aug. 5, 7-9 pm, at the Madison Senior Center, 330 West Mifflin.

West Police District Newsletter

The May/June West District Police Station newsletter is now available at

Plastics Recycling

Madison residents can now leave lids/caps on their plastic bottles and they will be recycled.  Recycling director George Dreckman says it is important to reattach the lids, because loose lids are screened out of the recycling stream and will not get recycled.  He recommends giving bottles a squeeze to eliminate air, then to reattach the lids.

October Work Day for Climate Change

Dave Spitzer ( is organizing a Madison work day for global climate change on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10).  Contact him for more info, or visit (an international organization, directed by Bill McKibben).

Tania Banak, Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association president