From Tania Banak:

Hello Prairie Hills neighbors,

Please join us for an Association meeting on Mon. Oct. 18 at 7 pm at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church (1701 S. McKenna).  We will meet in the Community Room.  Please enter the building via the school doors at the back of the building.


  • Summary of neighborhood activities (resource fliers, block organizing)
  • Recruit block captains
  • Ideas from attendees (what are your concerns?  What activities would you like to see?)
  • Police safety meetings (what info is useful?)
  • Financial report
  • Neighborhood watch report
  • PHNA Bylaws (review, finalize)

If you’ve got neighbors who disrespect property, constantly host loud late-night parties, or leave lots of trash all over their lawn or the street, this meeting is for you!  (But only if you’re willing to be part of the solution – merely complaining is not enough to create change).

If you are willing to make a difference where you live, but are unable to attend, please contact us at for tips on how to get started!

Safety Tip: Prevent Burglaries

Recently, several burglaries occurred out of garages in our neighborhood.  In some cases, the thieves gained access to the garage by way of garage door openers left in a vehicle.  Take precautions to protect your belongings.  Always lock the door that accesses your house from the garage.  Keep garage doors closed.  Lock the doors on your vehicles when they are parked.  And do not leave items that might appeal to thieves in plain view in a publicly parked vehicle.

Love Your Lakes, Don’t Leaf Them

Consider composting your leaves instead of leaving them curbside for pickup!  But if you’re not interested in using your leaves on your property, please do not leave them in the street, where they can contaminate our lakes through water run-off.  For info on leaf collection, see this website:

Can Tree Damage from Emerald Ash Borers be Prevented?

The city’s parks & forestry divisions are hosting meetings to educate the public about emerald ash borers and the options available for treatment.  To learn more about Emerald Ash Borer, please visit:

Public meetings will be held:

Thurs. Oct. 21, 6-8 pm, Madison Public Central Library (201 W. Mifflin Street)

Wed. Nov. 3, 6-8 pm, Lussier Community Education Center (55 S. Gammon Road)

Hayrides in Madison Parks This Fall

Elver and other Madison parks are offering hayrides this October and November.  For details, visit this website:

Mayor’s 2010 Neighborhood Roundtable: Sat. Nov. 6

Sponsored by MG&E and the Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development.  A workshop schedule and registration information will be available soon at .

Concerned About Your or a Loved One’s Drinking?

The Dane County Coalition to Reduce Alcohol Abuse has launched a new tool to help people assess whether those “few drinks” after work each night may be indicative of a bigger problem.

The “eCheckup to Go” helps people learn about their alcohol tolerance and identify personal and family risk factors and strategies to get help before drinking problems escalate.

This new assessment is available at:

Traffic Signals

Interested in seeing the list of intersections investigated for traffic signals?  And their priority ratings, based on traffic studies?  Email us and we will forward you the PDF document from the city.

Election Officials, Poll Workers Needed

If you are registered to vote, and can attend one hour of training prior to Election Day, you may be eligible to work as an election poll worker.  For more information, or to sign up online visit

Volunteer for Meals on Wheels

Would you like to help make a difference “One Meal at a Time?”  Home Health United Meals on Wheels delivers the noon meal to the elderly and physically disabled.  Contact Sue at 276-7598, or view our web site:

New Community Car at Overlook/Midtown

It’s within biking distance, and it’s great for families that need a second car occasionally.  A new Community Car has been placed at 8119 Mayo Drive, near the intersection of County M and South High Point Road.  For more information, see

Tania Banak, Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association president