From PHNA President Tania Banak:

Time to Renew Your Prairie Hills Membership!

Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association dues (a very reasonable $5 per year) are due in June!  Please join or renew your membership now.  You can pay your dues online via PayPal here or mail a check payable to “PHNA” to:

Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association

PO Box 44674

Madison, WI  53744-4674

Your dues help cover ongoing expenses such as our PO Box, printing, mailing, and supplies for events.  Also, we are saving to have signs made up to identify our neighborhood!  (This will cost at least $2,000, so any donation you can make above and beyond the $5 membership would be greatly appreciated).

Building the Association

Your neighborhood association now has bylaws!  You can read them on the association’s website under the “About” tab on our website.

Because the Prairie Hills neighborhood is quite large and diverse, your board has divided the map into four “areas.”  We would like to find a representative from within each of those areas to coordinate the block captains within that area and bring feedback to the board.

We’re guessing that different areas may have different priorities?  We need YOU to tell us for sure!

The areas are divided by streets.  Area 1 is from Putnam to Piedmont.  Area 2 is from Piedmont to Raymond.  Area 3 is Raymond to Jacob’s Way.  And Area 4 is from Jacob’s Way to Hammersley.  Would you like to have more of a voice in your community?  Volunteer to be an Area Representative!  Or, nominate someone to serve as your rep.

Our goal is to create community!  Knowing your neighbors REALLY DOES make a difference!

Block Captains Still Needed

June is membership renewal month, and we really need people who would be willing to go door to door with PHNA membership information.  Our goal is to reach more of the people who live in our neighborhood with news that affects our community.  Even if you’re not up to serving as a block captain, PLEASE touch base with us if you would be willing to recruit members by going door to door!  Your board members truly cannot cover the entire area.

Our vision is to have block captains in place who will collect contact info (email and/or phone number) from a small area, and then disseminate neighborhood news (safety meetings, association meetings, event notices, work parties, etc) as needed.  FRINGE BENEFIT?  You get to know your neighbors!

Personally, I’ve met some super individuals by going door to door on my own street, and cordiality between everyone has improved now that more people are getting to know one another.  My vision is a FUN block, where people interact and join together in social gatherings.  It’s SO much better than feeling uncomfortable because we think people are “different” from us.

What about you?  Would you like a more “neighborly” neighborhood?  To make a difference where you live, contact us at  We can help you get started!

Association Treasurer Needed

Are you good with numbers and details?  Then consider volunteering to be the PHNA treasurer.  You would keep track of income and expenditures, plus maintain the annual membership database.  Working knowledge of Excel is helpful.  For more info, contact Tania at 608-278-1093 or

Elver Park Fireworks on Tues July 5

Mark your calendars for this popular neighborhood tradition!  You can find details here:

Recycle Unwanted Electronics on June 25th

You can drop of unwanted e-waste (computers, TVs, and other electronics) at a special Dane County E-Waste Recycling event on Sat. June 25 from 8 am – 2 pm.  For details, see

Plant A Row for the Hungry Neighborhood Challenge: Win $200!

Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin Inc. (CAC) is announcing the “Plant a Row for the Hungry – Neighborhood Challenge” to collect extra produce from home gardeners for distribution to food pantries.  The neighborhood association in Dane County with the greatest donation total at the end of the season wins a $200 cash prize sponsored by Olds Seeds Company and will be recognized at the Mayor’s Neighborhood Roundtable gathering in November 2011.  For more information please contact Michelle Shively at

West Police District Newsletter

Here is a link to the March/April (and earlier issues of the) West Police District newsletter:  Enjoy!  And always remember to lock your car, and do not leave valuables in sight.  GPS units are the item most frequently taken from vehicles.  Also, check out Sgt. Lori Chalecki’s West CPT report.  VERY valuable information for our community, and something your PHNA board is trying to encourage!

Volunteer Tutors Needed

Help the local Literacy Network tutor adults in English as a Second Language.  No experience or foreign language required!  For details, contact Shawn Steen at or 608-244-3911.  Volunteers are needed for Tues nights from 6-8 pm at the Allied Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club (4619 Jenewein Rd).

Art Cart at Elver

Madison School & Community Recreation will be hosting an Art Cart from 1-4 pm on Tues. June 21 at Elver Park.  Art Cart is a FREE traveling art program that provides creative, outdoor art-making experiences to children age 3 and up and their families.  Groups larger than 8 participants must pre-register at 608-204-3021.

Red Cross Blood Drive – Beach Party

The Red Cross is holding a “Beach Days” Blood Drive from July 5-9.  For more information on how to participate, visit their website at and click on “media centers” at the top of the page, then enter your zip code.

Tania Banak, Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association president