Hello Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association Members!

On Thurs. 9/22, your association will hold its annual membership meeting. In addition to some GREAT speakers we have planned for you, our bylaws require that we hold elections at this meeting. Can you help us out with some nominations?

In odd-numbered years (like this year), the president and treasurer are elected. In even-numbered years, we elect the vice president and secretary.

Running for election this year are:

  • Tania Banak – President
  • Sharon Whitney – Treasurer

Due to health reasons, Tania would love to turn the reins over to another individual who believes in connected community and who would be willing to run the organization. So, we welcome nominations! Please forward names and contact info for individuals whom you’d like to nominate (including yourself!) no later than Tues. Sept. 20.

We are also currently without a vice president, and would love to find an individual willing to serve in that role. Need more information? Just ask! Thanks so much for your continued support.

Tania Banak, President
Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association