Summary of Annual PHNA Membership Meeting
A big thank-you to all who attended the Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association annual meeting on Sept. 22nd, and a special thanks to Leadership Greater Madison for the delicious treats and the door prizes.
The meeting was informative.  Chief Noble Wray talked about various factors that can cause problem neighborhoods:  lack of communication, transient non-connected residents, “broken windows” environment sends “no one cares” message, residents don’t take ownership/personal responsibility for where they live, density of low-income populations, drugs, gangs.  The take-home message is that we all need to be INVOLVED in our community.
Are you willing to take part in committees that address any of the following?  If so, please respond to this email and let us know!
            Safety Issues
            Promoting Attractive Homes & Yards
            Issues for Older Residents
            Connect People Who Need Help With People Who Can Help
            Activities for Children & Youth
After the police chief, representatives from Wisconsin Youth Company and the Meadowood Neighborhood Center talked about their programming.  We also introduced Brad Ware, the new Hammersley neighborhood police officer, and Ali Brooks, newly-appointed SW youth organizer (per a 2-year UW grant).
During a feedback session, those in attendance indicated they were not very interested in social events, but would like to know how to encourage neighbors to keep their properties up, how to deal with gangs of youth who make lots of noise and fight, and how to deal with lighting and trash issues.  Caveat:  the majority of those in attendance were older white folks, so these desires may not reflect everyone in the neighborhood.
Tania Banak was re-elected as president, and Sharon Whitney was elected as treasurer.  Kevin Wymore stepped up to fill the vacant vice president role until the 2012 election.  Gloria Meyer will continue as secretary.
SW Safety Meeting Scheduled for Nov. 9
Join the West Police District for a South West Safety Meeting at 7 pm on Wed. Nov. 9, at Memorial High School, 201 S Gammon Rd.  This will be a general listening session where people can voice their concerns to command staff of the West Police District and can consider solutions to problems.
Prairie Hills Board to Meet Nov. 10
The next meeting of the Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association board will be held on Thurs. Nov. 10.  Interested residents are welcome to join the board at 6:30 pm, at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1701 McKenna (please call 278-1093 to confirm location).
Prairie Hills Now on Facebook
If Facebook is your favorite way to stay in touch with friends, please consider “liking” the new Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association Facebook page. It’s a great way to receive current event announcements, or to share neighborhood event photos with neighbors.
Donate Winter Coats to Needy Neighbors
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Whitney Way & Raymond Road) is conducting a drive for gently used adult winter coats.  They will distribute the coats to neighborhood residents who need them.  So far, they have collected 50 coats, but have received 200 requests for coats.  Coats can be left on the rack in the church lobby.  Special thanks to Best Cleaners in Meadowood Shopping Center for cleaning the coats prior to distribution.
Keep Leaves Out of Streets to Save Our Lakes
Fall has arrived!  Which means it’s time to deal with falling leaves.  Remember, pile leaves on your property terrace, NOT in the streets.  Because decomposed leaves in the streets drain into the city sewer system, and end up in our lakes.  And become pollution that creates algae in our lakes over the summer.  For more information about fall leaf pick-ups, see  To obtain yard signs or brochures, visit or call 224-3746.
Community Garden Expansion
Grants are available from the Madison Community Foundation to start up new community gardens or enhance existing ones.  Applications are due by Jan. 13, 2012.  To learn more, see  Check out their informative link on “how to start a new garden.”  Donations to the New Garden Project are also welcome.  For more info, contact Chris Brockel at 246-4730, ext. 206 or email at
Services for Seniors
South West Madison Triad offers safety information and much more for area seniors.  Recently, they held a FREE winter automobile safety inspection for seniors to make sure their cars were ready for winter.  Does this type of information interest you?  If so, contact RSVP at 441-7897 or to be placed on their email list.

Tania Banak, Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association president