City to Offer Property Owners Four Installments for Tax Payments
Madison property owners will soon have the option of paying their taxes over four installments, beginning in December. Studies have shown that municipalities that collect property taxes over multiple installments see a significantly lower rate of delinquency than the two installment method.
The most important things to remember about the new system are:
·    There will be no effect for the majority of property owners who pay all of their taxes in December, so that they can itemize the deduction on their Federal income tax
·     The four due dates will be: January 31st, March 31st, May 31st, and July 31st. Taxpayers can pay whatever they like at any time as long as they meet the accumulated minimums by those due dates;
·      All payments on current taxes will be made to the City Treasurer; no longer will taxpayers pay the city for one installment and the county for the other.
Can You Help?  Prairie Hills needs a webmaster.  Chris Morris, who has done this for a number of years, needs to pass this job on.  It’s not that demanding and can be done from home.  Chris uses Word Press.  If you want to take a look at the site, go to   Let me know if you are interested.  GKMeyer 68
Monday, Nov. 24  6:00-7:00 p.m.
Learn to Prevent Dog Bites.  Most dog bites are committed by family dogs or other familiar dogs known to the child. This program focuses on how to read dog body language and how to act safely around their own dog, other familiar dogs, and strange dogs. Doggone safe will NOT be using any dogs in this presentation and discourages anyone from bringing dogs to this program.  For school-age children at the Goodman South Library (2222 So. Park St.)
Monday, Nov. 24  6:00-7:30 p.m.
Informational meeting about the upgrade of Well 12, located at 801 So. Whitney Way. Water Utility personnel will be gathering public input about the upgrade.  For more info, call 266-4651.
Monday, Nov. 24 7:00 p.m.
Join Wisconsin Public Television for a free premiere screening of “Wisconsin From the Air” — a new film featuring stunning aerial photography of Wisconsin’s landscape. At Monona Terrace.  Attendance is free and open to everyone.
Wisconsin From the Air is a 60-minute film that lofts viewers high above the state for a breathtaking journey through our treasured landscapes. The program showcases Wisconsin like never before, covering the entire state from La Crosse to Milwaukee and from northern forests to southern landmarks — all from a bird’s eye view.
Tuesday, Nov. 25  10:00 a.m.  Pie Sale at the Meadowridge Library.  Goes until all pies are gone.  If you want to contribute, leave pie at the library on Monday, Nov. 24. Sponsored by the Friends of the Meadowridge Library.
Tuesday, Nov. 25  11 a.m.  Nutrition Walk By. At the Madison Senior Center (330 W. Main)  Nutrition educator Martin Salas from UW Extension will discuss vegetables and fiber. Enjoy a tasty squash recipe from this year’s harvest. Free and open to the public.
Tuesday, Dec. 2  6:00 p.m.  Second meeting on the replacement of the playground equipment at Waltham Park.  At the West Police Station Community Room. (1710 McKenna).