The next Prairie Hills Association Board meeting will be 6:30-8:00 PM Monday, April 20 at Good Shepherd Church in Room 1 (the Good Shepherd Room).  We will be planning our activities for the next few months and planning for the membership drive which will occur in June.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND.

Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting, Monday, April 20 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Good Shepherd Church, Room 1 (Good Shepherd Room)

1. Welcome
2. Minutes (Kristen) (2 minutes)
3. Financial report, membership report (Duane) (1 minutes)
4. Reports:
  Waltham (Corrie) (5 minutes)
  Police Liaison/Neighborhood Watch! (5 minutes)
  Neighborhood Watch (Kristin)
  Theresa Neighborhood Center (Gloria) (5 minutes)
5. Old Business
  Welcome Kits (Joan) (5 minutes)
  Question in email newsletter (Gloria) (3 minutes)
6. Planning for the following events: (25 minutes)
• Park Clean up
• Community Supper at Falk
• Meeting with block reps
• Suggestions for stories for newsletter
• Date to put packets together
• Recruiting more block reps to deliver newsletters
• Presence at Meet and Eat
    Next meeting–meeting with block reps