We have a Prairie Hills Board meeting Monday, May 15, in the Blue Room at the Meadowridge Library.  The agenda is attached and, as always, you are invited to attend.
We will be discussing the membership drive and how to make it better.  I would like your input before the discussion.  Here are some questions to answer.  Please respond by Sat., May 13.
1.  If we reduced the route to a block, would you be able and/or willing to try to talk with each person on your route?
2.  We have a list of about 200 people who have been members in the past three years.  Would you be willing to contact 10 of them by phone or email or personally?
3.  Would you be willing to contact any new people in your neighborhood about Prairie Hills?
4.  Should we continue the hard-copy newsletter?
5.  Should we continue the “Contacts” hand-out?
6.  Any other suggestions?